Why Bear Fitness? 

Why the name? Or why you should train with me? Well… the name comes from very wholesome roots. As a child, I was obsessed with the Three Bears and insisted that I was called Baby Bear by my family. The name stuck (although I’ve now dropped the baby part), and since my upbringing and family had such an impact in developing my love of fitness, my desire to help others become fitter, and my belief that with the right support anything is possible, I thought why not make that the name of the company? 

Why you should train with me?

Firstly, I have qualifications coming out of my ears: a degree from The University of Exeter in Exercise and Sports Science (with a dissertation specialising in sports psychology), I hold the highest level of PT qualification, I am qualified to train Diabetic and obese clients as well as those with sport-specific injuries, I have been a PT for 5 years and have performed over 5,000 hours of Personal Training, and I’ve worked and written for Men's Health & Runners World publications. 

But the real reason you should train with me is because I care. Staying fit and healthy is difficult at the best of times and if you're got to make training fit around work and family life, you need to know that the person you are training with has got your back. I'm there with my clients every step of the way. 

I get genuine joy and satisfaction seeing my clients move better, fully enjoying their improved lifestyle and investing in their future. (I also may get just a tiny bit of joy from making you do that extra burpee when you really don't want to…)

What will a session comprise of?

With a background in professional sport, our sessions will be comprised of an understanding of how your body moves and assessing any imbalances/dysfunctional movement you have and addressing them. We will use goal-based strength and conditioning that is progressive and encouraging. To build a stronger body and mind. 

The end goal?

I aim to educate and provide a space and platform for you to progress and develop. Whether that is towards a specific event or for a broader goal. As we continue to train together you will understand the principles of training and be able to apply them yourself without my help. Our training is for you to develop and eventually no longer require me.   

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