Are you dreading your workout?

The gym is an interesting place. I see varying degrees of this picture almost every time I go. It always makes me question why this person is in the gym. Clearly they are not interested in what they are doing (I am going to assume that they do not want to read the newspaper that badly). So why would they stay in the gym when they are not motivated by a goal and not enjoying it? ⠀

As adults there are things we have to do that are not fun e.g commuting, paperwork, paying bills etc. In fact the older I become the less fun things there are to do!

So I am surprised as to why you would do another activity you deem uninspiring. If your training isn't fun, competitive or at least a bit enjoyable then you will eventually become unmotivated, lack the required intensity and no longer do it. ⠀

So change it up. Go for a bike ride around your city, go for a swim, get a gym or class buddy. It will keep you motivated.. And if not you can pay people these days to help you out in the gym.. ;)⠀

But if the gym is your time to catch up on the news and have a bit of head space then carry on doing your thing - I just want people to enjoy their time in the gym and love the fact they are staying active in both mind and body!