(Drop) Bear Fitness In Australia

We'll stop going on about it soon, we promise... Just in case you weren't aware we spent some time in Australia in January 2016. As much as this was a holiday we also flew over to explore their fitness scene and to see if there was anything these far flung countries could offer to enhance our knowledge base and any trends we could bring back to the UK.

The most striking difference between U.K gyms (mainly London) and those in Australia was the amount of space available. The country is massive and so are the gyms! They didn't only have workout space inside, but you could also move outside and take your spin class to the next level in the blistering heat! In every gym we went to there was studio space, video rooms to undertake a class by yourself, relaxing and yoga specific space, dedicated food/shake space, massage chairs etc. Ultimately we entered the Vegas of gyms, everything in one space and no need to leave the comfortable health haven.

We are always keen to try out new classes in the UK, so wanted to do the same in Australia. The key difference between the U.K. and Australia was without a doubt their love of Les Mills. It was everywhere! In every gym, on the beach, in parks - all over the place. But apart from Les Mills I didn't feel there was anything new and exciting compared to the UK. I wasn't left wowed like I am after a class of Psycle or in a puddle of my own sweat after a 1Rebel class. London and the U.K. are definitely the winners here!

Lastly, and obviously most importantly- Food! Again not that different from the U.K, only a couple of things I would quite enjoy having on London streets.

Sushi would be the first - you see 20 Starbucks on a street in London, in Austria it's fresh and well prepared sushi.

Secondly the amount of food that you can buy that is heavily advertised as being 'Raw', 'Gluten Free' and healthier than anything else is almost overwhelming. It seems that every other restaurant/cafe sells great coffee and a healthy 'brekkie'.


According to many sources the Australians are healthier in both body and mind, largely due to the weather, outdoor space, activities and fitness scene.

However; from our 1 month in the sun, it didn't seem the Australians were fitter than us Brits. They were MUCH browner (so some would argue looked better) and looked much more at home on the beach than I did (as they should) but the massive gyms were nowhere near being even remotely full - so is there a need for them to be quite so large? Drinking is just as much a pastime for them as it seems to be for us and there was always a queue in 'Maccers'. So even though the Australians have a reputation for being healthy, we match up pretty well too.  Something I personally feel rather proud of; because lets be honest you probably have to be tougher to go out in the cold and workout then to do it in the sun.  But who am I to have the final say - let us know your thoughts because I am sure deep down us Brits will always love the motherland more than anywhere else (as much as we complain about the weather).