Fitness Bandit

Last week I misplaced my fitness tracker (Nike FuelBand) - I was completely devastated.  Since the loss of my beloved Fuelband I have felt particularly lonely without it and have really struggled with knowing how active I have been during the day.  Now, as a Personal Trainer I feel I should have an innate understanding of how active I have been, but with no ‘solid’ data to be able to base this fact on I feel lost to say the least.

Now, reflecting on what should be a rather small change in my life, it's actually made me realise what a huge impact this small piece of technology had on how I felt and highlighted that something had become so habitual without me even realising.  I began to wonder if I was the only one who felt like this upon the loss of an activity tracker?  Unsure if this was a positive or a negative feeling I took to a place where the thoughts of many were openly highlighted - the internet.  After only minutes of scrolling through the vast bank of feelings I found that I am not alone in this new web of guilt and confusion.  Many people felt the same, uncertain of what to do next. I'm unsure if it is the global companies who have instilled this need to know how you are doing every day and if you have reached your goal. Or if it is an innate need to ‘win’ by hitting said goal.  Either way it is not something I needed as a child by any means; but as an adult I am well and truly hooked.  So what is the moral of the story?

For those who use this tool as a way of guilting yourself into moving or to want to win I would advise you to take stock every now and again.  Don’t wear your fitness tracker and you will come to realise that it is not the end of the world if you dont hit your goal or continue you 3 day streak or whatever it is you are trying to do.  I can assure you that even if it isn’t liberating, you will notice something is missing; it will give you a chance to enjoy what your body can do without it being under constant scrutiny.  As fitness, moving and health are governed by you.  So keep it that way.