Great British Sport

It seems our TVs have become a constant rerun of extremely similar shows, if not in content then definitely in format. From The X Factor; Strictly Come Dancing to The Apprentice - and coming soon there's even going to be a pottery-off starting on BBC2!  "And what's the problem?" I hear you ask. "What does this have to do with the wealth of health and fitness content we expect to see on Bear Fitness?"  Well let me explain.  

What an individual does on their down time is entirely up to them, and taking the time to rest and relax is extremely important, even if that involves the TV for a brief stint in the evening - even I indulge every so often! What I find to be the problem, though, is the constant stream of shows that do the opposite of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, or even just a positive outlook on life, in the people they're entertaining. For example, The X Factor: if you're relatively good looking and have an average singing voice (and a good ol' sob-story won't hurt either!) then congratulations, you're in! It's not about actually being the best in the field; it's (s)he who shouts loudest - and behaves most outrageously - wins. The Great British Bake Off: now of course you do need to be able to cook on this show, but you're given plenty of time to practice your dish, you know how long you have to make the said dish, you're given the ingredients to make your ‘show stopper’ and you're even allowed to bring your own equipment to assemble it - and then you're judged. Is that really it?

At the same time as all this exciting TV takes up the bulk of airtime - and hours of ours - the Rugby World Cup is being played in our green and pleasant land. You would have to be extremely uninterested (or living under a rock!) not to know that England have been knocked out of the World Cup and that we didn’t make it out of the pool stages. There is now no Northern Hemisphere team in the entire competition, which I think is frankly not good enough: yes, the teams all tried extremely hard and there was some fantastic rugby on show and it has been a good tournament, but yet again we haven’t shown ourselves to be a sporting powerhouse that we should be. I believe there is a lot of talent in all the Northern Hemisphere teams and that some of the losses have been down to poor judgement and/or refereeing, but the question I ended up asking myself last night was: Is our constant defeat in sport due to the lack of importance is has within our life and society? I really do hope this isn’t the case and that the love of all things sporting is being and always will be instilled into adults and children alike. But if our TVs, mobiles, iPads, friends, colleagues, schools etc. are all regurgitating the same message - i.e. that average is good enough - then how are we to improve?