How do you like your coffee? Pact with goodness!

At Bear Fitness, we love coffee. Not only because it makes those mornings where you can barely open your eyes a little easier, but it also carries exercise benefits.

Drinking a small cup of black coffee (minus the sugar of course) pre-workout provides more than just a pick-me-up, but also helps to improve performance! A study published in the British Journal of Sports Science found that subjects who consumed coffee before running 1,500m on the treadmill completed the run an average of 4.2 seconds faster than a control group. Black coffee also increases mental focus so as well as giving you added stamina, it can make your workout more productive and efficient. The main thing we like about a pre-workout coffee is that it decreases muscle pain. Imagine you’re running on the treadmill and after the usual 30 minutes you start to feel the twinge in your calves; drinking coffee can decrease muscle pain by a lot - so you can fun faster, for longer. Sound mad? It really does work, try it, 30 minutes before your next workout and let us know how you get on! Every week we used to find ourselves waking up some mornings, heading over to the cupboard only to realise…no coffee. The bag containing your delicious hot wakeup call is empty and you then have to take additional time to go and buy a new bag or worse, go and buy a coffee which costs you triple the price! 

On deciding to seek out an alternative, I stumbled across Pact Coffee. The headline on their homepage reads: ‘We are on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee by making incredible, freshly roasted coffee accessible to everyone’. Too good to be true, surely - haven’t Starbucks got it covered? Answer: absolutely not! Pact does exactly what it says. You sign up and you receive a discount code, which can offer 50% off, giving you the chance to taste some of their product before you make a long term commitment. You can cancel after this point and go back to waking up in despair at a lack of coffee and painful workouts, but why would you? Pact asks you: how many cups you drink a day to ensure your coffee is delivered at the exact point you're due to run out; how you like your coffee, so they can send bags that match your taste; and even how you like it ground! 

Everything is personalised to make your mornings that much easier, as soon as you receive your first bag you're able to go to your account and rate the bag, and if you don’t like it, they won’t send it to you again. They package the coffee the same day its ground - all on site at their Bermondsey HQ - and each type comes with an information card so you can understand exactly where it came from. 

The flavours aren’t your usual ones either. Our first bag arrived and we were astounded to find ourselves with Fruit and Nut flavoured coffee (does that even exist?!) but it was delicious! We did try the Planalto Milk chocolate malt the next time around, and although it wasn’t to our taste - no fear! Mentioning this, we received a different flavour next time round! We’ve also experimented with Chocolate Orange, Dark Chocolate and EVEN Jammy Dodger. Now, we’re not saying your coffee is going to taste like you're drinking melted Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but it’s delicious to have the hints running through for a unique and mind-opening experience. 

So if you’re a coffee lover - oh and more importantly if you like the sound of the fitness benefits too, give Pact a try, their website’s below and if you use PACT50AW when you check out, you'll get 50% off on us! Pact Coffee