Koala Bear Fitness

Bear fitness landed in Australia just over two weeks ago and we've just about recovered from the jet lag and all the exploring we've been doing. We promised ourselves that despite going away for 3 months we would keep up our fitness regimes which automatically gave us a great way to find out what's different about the fitness scene all these miles away. Here's a few things we've discovered so far and a couple of tips on how we've stayed fit so far, hopefully they can inspire you too!

1. Australian outdoor gyms - the first gym we went too was called 'Funk Fitness'. What really caught our eye here was the spin bikes and running track outside. Now we know the UK isn't blessed with the best weather, especially right now I hear, but in the summer this would make working out a lot more enjoyable. 

2. Work out in the morning - the jet lag has us awake at 5am most mornings so we've opted to get our workout first thing, before the prospect of lying on a beach or an ice cold beer becomes all too enticing. Plus it's boiling here, so if you want to get a jog or cycle in its best to do it early before the sun starts bearing down on you! 

3. Use the outdoors - on the days we have been unable to access a gym we have simply used the space around us, we've been kayaking and surfing or putting together some circuit training, with the view in Australia I think gyms might become our last resort.  (Helpful Hint: Download the 'Seconds App' so you don't have to keep checking the time)

4. Forget public transport - we've only used the bus on our trip when we really had too (going over 100 miles for example!!) but when we arrive in each place we decided to walk everywhere, not only do you end up clocking miles without realising but you get to explore the area you are staying in and find out some local  secrets away from all the tourism 

5. Cook your own food...not all the time obviously - Because who doesn't love going out for a meal and not cooking! But if you have access to a cooker etc. just head to the supermarket and whip something up yourself! We will post up some budget yet healthy meals in the next couple of posts.  

6. Australians LOVE to exercise - we arrived and on one street alone we saw 4 gyms and 2 personal training studios. Most offer free day passes so you can try the gym out without spending the money - no excuse to let that holiday take over or say money is an issue! They have pretty nice showers/sauna/steam rooms too.  

7. Free fruit, water and massage chairs - even in the budget 24 hour gym we went too, all of this was available, fitness is important and so is customer care, each gym has taken it upon itself to are sure you are happy.

8. Treat sunbathing the same as sitting at your desk at home - Take the time to get up and walk around - not only will it stop you falling asleep in the sun and getting burnt it will keep you moving throughout the day when it is so easy to be sedentary.

9. 'Low Carb Beer' - this is as easy as it says on the tin.  It is very easy to drink 100's of calories particularly when it is hot outside (or cold for that matter) you almost forget what you have been drinking so don't tend to count the calories, see it as food, keep an eye on it and pick the 'better option'.

10. Sunshine = Happy times - when you are on holiday you are notoriously in a better mood - get out there and use the sunshine as a reason to exercise, there really is no excuse.  There is a correlation between working out in the sun and the amount of 'brown fat' you burn.  So a bonus on all fronts. 

Crikey mate, we're off to the Whitsundays now but keep fit and do get in touch with any questions.