​Nothing is Impawsible

A post by BEAR Fitness client L. Sullivan (aged 24)

I’m a client of Sarah’s and decided that this blog would help to show other aspiring runners how much a personal trainer can help, both physically and mentally - and why you should choose BEAR Fitness for your training! For many people running is a torturous experience; it’s one of those activities you force yourself to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle - or so that you don't so bad about eating or drinking your own body weight the day before! I’m no exception - this time two years ago, I recall how most days I would put my trainers on with a sigh, pull on my gloves ready for the bitter cold typical English weather, pop in my headphones and even with a motivational song blaring in the background, the only place I wanted to run was back into my warm and cozy bed, convincing myself that I would go tomorrow...or maybe when the weather perks up...or maybe when I'm feeling a bit better generally. However, things changed for me when I entered the Brighton Marathon in 2014: running finally had a purpose and I knew that if I didn't head out onto the roads to clock the miles, I would certainly never make it to the finish line - which I did, and in the mind-blowing time of 3:39! Clearly in a dreamworld when I finished Brighton marathon and feeling like a champion, I swiftly entered London Marathon via the Good for Age category, and now the training begins again! Since Brighton I have also competed in the Hever Castle Triathlon and Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest, as part of my marathon training. So there are currently 50 days left until the big day, I've been training since January with Sarah at BEAR Fitness, and I thought I’d keep you all up to date on my training (both running AND weights, which I find highly necessary if you want to complete the 26.2miles in a desired time). Sarah has been with me every step of the way, and she is so dedicated to her clients that she'll be there cheering me across the finish line too!

Lauren - aged 24