The Ultimate Park Workout Circuit

Following on from our at home workout post, we know there is nothing like the Great British summer to get us out into the park. Exercising outdoors gives the body a huge amount of mental and physical benefits. We have outlined some of them below as well as giving you a little taster of a workout to shake off any Sunday morning cobwebs.


  • You can workout harder. The stressors on the body are fewer when exercising outside; when comparing heart rate of a runner on the treadmill to an outdoor runner the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is less when exercising outdoors even when we our heart rate is higher. Thus you are able to exercise for longer and potentially push yourself harder because it feels easier and your physiological systems are able to perform at a higher level as they are less stressed. 


  • It’s free! Lets not forget it is free to workout in the park (and weather depending, you can top up your tan). 



4) It’s fun and easier to rope you pals to join in.


Time to workout.


We recommend the following for a 30-minute session…



  1. Bear Crawl (Between two trees)
  2. LLS
  3. Burpees
  4. Mountain Climber
  5. Press ups
  6. Plank up and Down


Bear Crawl 

The benefits: A way to really work on how you body moves as a whole.  With our current lifestyle of in-active hip flexors and glutes this one move will hit these weaker spots with no trouble.


LLS (Lunge, Lunge, Squat) 

The benefits: This one will get those lower limbs burning and is a great muscle builder for your glutes. Either perform a jump lunge on each leg followed by a squat jump, or if you aren’t a fan of the high impact, simply perform without the jumps.


Plank up and down

The benefits: Position yourself in the normal plank hold (on your forearms with legs outstretched and on your toes) Move up onto your hands and then back down onto your forearms. That’s one rep and one step closer to abs of steel.



The benefits: Who doesn’t love reading this word? Full body, high intensity workout that can be done anywhere. Make sure you explode up with the jump at the top of the burpee and focus on keeping your core engaged when closer to the floor.


Tree Sprints 

The benefits: chances are there are going to be trees in your local park – find two that are around 20 meters apart, sprint from the first tree to the second tree, jog back to the start and repeat 10 – 20 times.



Warm up: High knees x 30, Heel kicks x 30, Walk out x 30, Squat jumps x 10, Burpee x 10

Perform the following circuit 3 times - with 20-30 seconds work and 40-30 seconds rest in between each exercise. Rest for 1 minute in between each full circuit. 

FINISHER: Tree Sprints x 10


Enjoy the walk home because boy have you earnt it. Stretch on the way and take some time at home to foam roll.