Natasha Smith - Age 27

Training with Bear Fitness has been absolutely fantastic. Sarah's sessions are unique and challenging, and her extensive knowledge means she's able to mix in a huge range of activities to keep me progressing. On both a practical and theoretical level, her expertise is really evident, and she's really helped me gain a better range of technique and skill in the gym.

She's great company and an absolute pleasure to train with, and will push you to work hard whilst always being sensitive to personal limitations. I really feel like she took the time to understand how I like to train, and what's most engaging for me. As a a result, training with her is always both rewarding and fun, and I've made improvements that I'm really proud of. 
Working with Bear Fitness has made me fitter, happier and more motivated and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Oliver Dillon - Aged 42

Sarah and Lauren are amazing personal trainers - through her hard work, dedication and personal approach I was able to achieve a new PB in the London Marathon! I'm really looking forward to working with her in the build up to Ironman 70.3 and Cotswold 226.

Alexandra Ottwell - Aged 30

I really enjoyed training with Sarah. It was refreshing to work with someone that understood physiology / how the body functions and works, as well as fitness overall. She was patient, encouraging, but still applied the right amount of pressure. Anything that seemed unachievable, she was able to break down and build in stages. If I was still living in London I would be training with her. I would defo recommend her!

Matt Gosnell - Aged 29

Sarah is a fantastic, inspirational PT. With her knowledge and innovation she helps me set and reach amazing yet realistic goals. The results are immediate and the work we do assists me not only in competition but day-to-day life. Every half marathon I run feels like it will be my best ever thanks to BEAR Fitness!

Thorne Ryan - Aged 23

If you are looking for personal training in London then look no further, BEAR Fitness gives you everything you could ever want and need: professionalism, motivation, results, and a damned good workout! They really helped me with the nuts challenge and with losing a bit of weight (and they offer excellent rates!)

Lilly Sullivan - Age 48

Being, dare I say woman in her mid to late forties, the need for exercise and less food seemed in my mind the best way to reduce my fat but this wasn’t working!

Bear Fitness took the time to educate me on the need for the right food and combining this with the right exercise for me it has worked wonders, whilst I will never be skinny I can be slimmer and fitter and Bear Fitness supports me in this goal.

What I love is that they treated me as equally important as their younger fitter clients and even involved me with their training and I didn’t feel that I was a hindrance.

Positive attitude and friendly but tough when they need to me

Cindy Wu - Age 30

Sarah is a wonderful PT. She knows the science, she is naturally enthusiastic, and – above and beyond – she is dynamic with her training. I learn by doing during our sessions and always laugh. 

Sarah trained me for a marathon, strengthened my lady hips, and when I came limping to her with a bad case of ITBS, she patiently balanced out my wonky legs. Sarah is a powerhouse of information about being fit and healthy; I cannot recommend her enough.

Charlotte Pooled - Age 26

Bear Fitness is a great brand, not only have their personal trainers helped me get in shape, but the blog posts keep me up to date on the fitness industry and how best to hit my fitness goals.

David Stewart - Age 42

Sarah pays close attention to how I'm responding to training and continually makes targeted changes to really get at the areas where I need extra work. In a short time, I've seen changes to my body and felt changes in my strength.

As others have said, Sarah is super-positive and fun to train with -- the time flies by so quickly! -- but she doesn't hold back on pushing you to do the proper work (while never pushing you beyond your safe limits).

Josh Moore - Age 42

Lauren is one hell of a personal trainer. Her attention to detail and passion for personal training I believe is second to none. She is always booked up with clients and there is good reason as to why. If you want to feel better about yourself and make some significant changes to your lifestyle body and outlook she is the PT for you.